NIRA Systems, being a Certified Salesforce® Consulting Partner, can customize Salesforce solutions all according to your business objectives & KPI’s which are then backed by our result-driven strategies and multi-leveled approaches including customization, integration & implementation of Salesforce. We follow the agile methodology for the overall Salesforce development services. Our main aim is to generate and close more deals for our clients. Salesforce provides a unique way of connecting with your customers while managing all the client activities, searches, sales, and marketing through a single platform, while our certified and experienced Salesforce developers can customize the platform to suit your unique business - be it enabling cloud, mobility solutions, customizations or integrations.

Registered Consulting Partner


Salesforce Development

The robust Salesforce developer tools like Force, Salesforce Lightning, Developer Console, Salesforce Lightning Inspector, and Workbench create quite a dynamic scope for you to grow your versatility. These tools are used to extend additional services to an existing system and facilitates app development with customization, consultation, integration, and migration. We understand how different businesses would have different requirements and that’s why we at NIRA Systems offer customized Salesforce solutions. This means that you don’t have to alter the way you conduct your business as Salesforce is what would be tweaked according to your business requirements. With NIRA Systems' Salesforce development solutions you will be able to build, scale and manage all your applications on a centralized platform.

Salesforce Services & Solutions

We at NIRA Systems provide salesforce services and solutions along with help in building effective strategies to implement these solutions. We have a team of certified Salesforce professionals who are expert in Salesforce development, app development, third-party integration, Salesforce customization and migration, implementation and other related services. If you are looking to create happy customers or just a way to facilitate better connections with your existing customers, NIRA Systems can help you find and implement the right CRM solution. Contact us today. Nonprofit Implementation

We help nonprofit organizations use the best tools to increase and manage fundraising, so they can give back more. Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) - crafted especially for nonprofits- is the most successful and widely used platform that could streamline fundraising processes and manage operations in real-time with pre-configured but customizable reports and dashboards. We develop plug and play solutions on the NPSP base with built-in tools for fundraising, payment processing, events management, online forms and surveys, volunteer management, and much more to manage your programs, donations, volunteers, and supporters - all in one place.

Salesforce Services

Salesforce Development
We can help you with the development and set up of Sales Cloud, Data Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Service Cloud, App Cloud, Community Cloud, and more. Expansion of Salesforce CRM with the help of various options like Force, Visualforce, and Apex.
NPSP Configuration and Set-up
We develop plug and play solutions on the NPSP base with built-in tools for fundraising, payment processing, events management, online forms and surveys, volunteer management, and much more to manage your programs, donations, volunteers, and supporters - all in one place.
Salesforce Customization
Improve the features and user-friendliness of your existing Salesforce CRM. Suit your business needs and savor the Salesforce customization services.
Salesforce Integration
Improve the usability of your Salesforce CRM by integrating it with popular third-party software and tools. Team up your running apps with the Salesforce for relentless management and innovation.
Salesforce Migration
We can help you migrate your current business solutions and data to a more efficient customer service automation platform based on Salesforce. Experience a flawless migration process without much of any hassle.
Approachable Cost
We are on what we commit. When you describe your peripheries to us, the only thing we deliver is excellence.
Complete Commitment
We are dedicated to providing you the complete solution for your project. Thus, driving to infuse some wondrous features while keeping an eye on the time span.
Long Term Solutions
We are a diligent team of changemakers who strive to work on long-term solutions. Catching up with your deadlines is among our core values.

Salesforce CaseStudy

Salesforce® NPSP Customizations to accelerate American Non Profit’s Fundraising program.
Salesforce® NPSP Implementation and 3rd party app integrations for American Non Profit.
Salesforce® Sales Cloud and Einstein Analytics Integrations to manage the detailed workflow of Irish manufacturing company
Using Salesforce cloud services for workflow, marketing and sales management for Mexican luxury suites business .
Salesforce NPSP Implementation.
Salesforce NPSP Implementation for the non-profit client.

Our Salesforce Apps

We at NIRA, provides Salesforce applications built with Lightning Web Component (LWC) programming model. It fully uses the LWC methods and its components for both the UI and backend leveraging the apex capacity too. Following are the applications available in AppExchange in NIRA’s Credit.

Lead conversion App

In Salesforce we can convert only individual Lead to Contact, Account or Opportunity. Also, at present in Salesforce, there is no ways to see the already converted Leads. Lead Conversion App is created to convert multiple Leads to Contacts, Accounts or Opportunity in a single click and show the history of converted Leads. The App will list all the present leads along with an option to decide whether to create an opportunity up on the conversion. By default, the selected Lead(s) will be converted to an Account and Contact. Lead conversion app also provides the history of converted leads. Users can get an insight about the number of Leads converted for a particular period by filtering the history view for a date range.

Bulk Email Sending App

Bulk Email Sending application is aimed for tracking the email campaign drives executed by different organizations for different purposes. The application provides mass email sending feature wherein user can upload a csv file containing potential Lead’s information. The system will show all the Leads to the end user with an option to create accounts and contacts. The system will create accounts and contacts depending on the choice of selection by the end user. After sending emails to the potential leads/Accounts/Contacts, the system will integrate the details with the campaign object and will keep a track of the details. The user will be having an UI to view the list of campaigns shown wherein they can start and stop a campaign so the responses can be tracked whilst open. Selecting a campaign will show the metrics for the corresponding campaign which comprises of total mailed, total responses, total Leads generated.

Lead Queue Creation App

Lead Queue Creation Application is built for creation of Lead Queues and assignment of Queue members under an umbrella. For setting automatic Lead assignment rules, the end users can use this application rather than creating and managing the queues from Salesforce workbench. Application provides an UI to create Queues. The application has features to select the created Queue and can assign the members to the selected Queue. System will show the list of assigned Queue members to the end user where they can edit or delete the same.

Click If Sick (CIS) App

The ClickIfSick App is a simple and accurate diagnostic tool which is aimed to help healthcare professionals worldwide to arrive at a correct diagnosis based on the data provided by the patient. ClickIfSick is a symptom checker, which works with a variety of complex medical algorithms and identify the most accurate list of differential diagnoses. This is done by determining specific, sensitive symptoms and clinical signs that a patient presents with. Once a list of differential diagnoses is provided, ClickIfSick aims to identify different medical tests that are required to establish up on a certain condition. System asks the user to select the age group, gender and pregnancy status (for female) in general. By default, the system will list all the major complaints, however user can filter the appropriate major complaint by selecting a body part. System in short asks the patient a series of questions to ascertain the root cause of their symptoms and to provide a diagnosis. Questions asked are exactly as they would be asked during a visit to a physician. System will group the question/symptoms under different categories and will be shown to the user. User can select the present symptoms of the patient. System will show the summary of user selection at a glance so that user can easily remove the selected symptoms. Clicking on the ‘Result’ button will provide possible diagnosis to the user. System will list the possible diagnosis along with % of chances. Next action to be done by the patient are shown against each diagnosis.

The Survey App

The survey application is aimed for creating and releasing a survey questionnaire. The system also tracks the responses and provides a dashboard with % of similar answers. This application can serve various purposes like executing a generic survey among the employees of an organization, producing a consumer survey etc. The system is designed in a generic way which provides a user interface to add Survey title, Questions and their Choices. System allows user to define the choice type. User can keep on adding the questions and finally go for a preview mode. From the preview, the user can edit or delete the questions and its choices or the choice type. After the preview, user will be able to generate the Survey Form which can be submitted to the end users for filling the answers. The surveys submitted back are tracked by the application and a dashboard will be populated with % of similar answers.